20 Foot Guitar Cable (Straight to 90 Degree)

20 foot long guitar cable with one 1/4 inch straight TS connector and one 1/4 inch 90 degree TS connector.


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These high quality ΒΌ inch guitar cables / instrument cables are crafted with the professional musician in mind, but priced to be affordable. Our guitar cables are constructed with a braided shield wire made from 96 strands of Oxygen Free Copper. Unlike other cables made with a spiral shield, this strong and dependable design allows the cable to remain flexible, while also providing ample protection from interference. Includes heavy duty Velcro cable tie.


  • Braided Shield Wire
  • Oxygen Free Copper Wire
  • Gold Plated Connectors
  • Heavy Duty 7mm Outer Jacket
  • One Straight Connector & One 90 Degree Connector
  • Cable Tie Included

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Weight 15 oz


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