20 Foot Guitar Cable (Straight to Straight)

High Quality 20 Foot Long ¼ inch guitar cable / instrument cable.
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Guitar Cable Straight Connectors

High quality 20 foot guitar cable / instrument cable. Created with the professional musician in mind, but priced to be affordable. Our instrument cables are constructed with a braided shield wire made from 96 strands of Oxygen Free Copper. This strong and dependable design allows the cable to remain flexible while completely covering the inner core wire. This extra heavy 7mm guitar cable is terminated with 1/4 inch full metal gold plated connectors. Includes heavy duty Velcro cable tie

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User Reviews For 20 Foot Guitar Cable (Straight to Straight)


Average Score: 5.0 / 5

20 Foot Guitar Cable

"I own two of the straight to straights and one of the straight to 90 degrees. When I first laid my eyes on these I was blown away. You can see the quality, then plug them in and hear the quality. There is no better cable out there and I've been doing this for 30 years."

Rychester - Pa.


Amazing Value and Quality

"Simply put, these cables far exceeded the quality I expected for the price. They are dead quiet in my rig, are nice and thick compared to store bought ones, and have withstood some serious abuse over the 6 months I have had them. These are outstanding cables for the price and after purchasing these i doubt i'll ever buy "name brand" cables again. Thank you very much South Creek Audio, i will be replacing microphone cables soon and have no doubt where to go to get them at a great price."

Ryan - Janesville, Wisconsin


Better than advertized!

"11 guitar stomp box processors. 12 South Creek Audio cables. Most noise free setup I've ever had in my 35 years playing. Fast delivery. Promise kept. Don't to this site. Believe me, if Whirlwind, Planet Waves, and Monster Cable don't know who these guys are, they better take notice!"

Jeff - londonderry, NH


South Creek Audio 20' Instrument Cable

"I ordered three of these beauties, and received them very quickly (three days). The construction quality is fantastic. Very thick and durable feeling cable, but not too thick to where they feel clunky, And the plugs are nice and heavy feeling. And the price? phenomenal. In a world of Monster cable, Planet waves, and a lot of others, the price point sets these babies part from the rest. You would have to be CRAZY to buy a $50 cable after trying one of these. But what surprised me the most was the sound quality. Clear, and transparent are a couple of words that came to mind when i first heard them. Before these, I also own a couple of Dimarzio cables (which are pretty good to begin with), but these South Creek cables exceed them. They gave back more lower-end punch, high-end sparkle to my rig's tone than I though they would. CLARITY... thats the word. "

Matthew - Vancouver, Washington



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