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XLR Microphone Cables / Mic Cables

  XLR Microphone Cables from South Creek Audio are crafted using a braided shield wire made from Oxygen Free Copper. This braided shield also covers an inner layer of foil for increased performance and strength. Along with our standard 20 foot microphone cables designed for the studio, 30 foot lengths are available to ease setup at larger venues. Full metal chuck style connectors reduce stress on soldered connections and virtually eliminate the chance of failure often associated with other microphone cables. The included custom Velcro cable ties will keep your cables neat and ready for use. Competitively priced for superior quality microphone cables.
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   Click here to see what others have to say about guitar cables, XLR mic cables or patch cables from South Creek Audio. Answering your requests, we have expanded our inventory to include Patch Cables and Guitar Cables with 90 degree connectors. Along with our XLR to XLR Cables, we have also added XLR to TRS Microphone Cables.

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